Sunday, June 12, 2016

Friday Barnes: Girl Detective (R.A. Spratt)

"Imagin if Sherlock holmes was an 11-year-old girl" (from back of book)

When Friday Barnes was rejected from university (she is only eleven!) her only choice was to go to high school. So after she solves a bank robbery and wins $50.000 she uses it to go to Highcrest Academy (a fancy posh money based boarding school). When Friday arrives she realizes that the school is actually a hotbed of crime and soon she is solving everyone's problems, even the mystery of the yeti running around the swamp!

"Will Friday Solve all Highcrest Academy's many crimes including the biggest question of all
-whats the point in high school?" 
 (from Back of Book)

Author: R.A Spratt
Genre: Realistic Fiction and Mystery
Publisher: Random House Australia (2014)

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